intersection 08.19.09

Twitter Roundup

Do we think so much of our own Twitter posts (okay, tweets) that we're rerunning them here? We do! And, who knows, we might even tweet about this roundup, thus creating a disturbing loop.

ARTS/ If you haven't been following Jorge Colombo's weekly
iPhone sketches of various NYC spots, you're in for a treat.

MEDIA/ Jaw-dropping reporting on Fiji Water
by Anna Lenzer in Mother Jones. Don't miss.

WEB/ Web cam synchronicity from the band Sour. Sweet!

SHOP/ Clarabella's going out of business sale on now.
Big markdowns on women's clothing, jewelry, accessories.

ARTS/ Toque-tip to Jane Lynch,
whose scenes with Streep in
Julie and Julia (as Child's sister)
are total blissouts.

HISTORY/ When the UWS San Remo
was a different building: a hotel.

ARTS/ MUG's Joe Holmes,
the photographer behind Joe's NYC,
gives an interview to PetaPixel.

SHOP/ Some competition for the HD Flip,
due in September from Kodak.

OUT OF TOWN/ Heading Down East?
We'd pack the astringently moving novel set in Maine,
Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout.

SHOP/ New series of colorful
Pantone mugs from Sprout.

FOOD/ Starbucks is trying new things in certain stores to boost a sagging bottom line. Here's an idea: how about not overroasting the coffee?

OUT OF TOWN/ Heading to London? Our spy says
the new play When the Rain Stops Falling,
at the Almeida, is 'major.' [Photo: John Haynes]

FOOD/ Stops along an American Food Tour
from Di Nic's in Philly to Big Sur Bakery.

MEDIA/ Our favorite local commercial: The Grand Prospect Hall.
"We make your dreams come true!"

NOTICED/ Sign of the times from photographer Joy Nagy
(read to the left of the sign, too).

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