intersection 10.28.09

Twitter Roundup

Do we think so much of our own Twitter posts (okay, tweets) that we're rerunning them here? We do! And, who knows, we might even tweet about this roundup, thus creating a disturbing loop. Follow us on Twitter @MUGuide.

Still suffering after-effects from last week's New Yorker profile on James Cameron, like a bad drug trip.

KleinReid has a revamped website showcasing their great handmade porcelain and lots of new merch.

Amazing image: 2 monkeys cradling a baby from a piece about animal alarm calls.

Visualizing the 2.4 million lbs of plastic pollution dumped hourly into the oceans. (via @IA @emilychang @core77)

Today's [10/18] Times Arts & Leisure Fawlty Towers squib wrong. Prunella Scales played Cleese's wife; and 'forbearing'?!

32 new planets found outside solar system: Neil deGrasse Tyson, can we please have Pluto back as a planet?

Jorge Muñoz gives out free meals 365 days/yr. in Jackson Heights.

Listen to Erin McKeown's addictive single Santa Cruz here.

NYC Cool Roofs program launched. New term for tar beach may be needed.

Eat Me Daily rediscovers a 1956 cookbook and both a story and a lost world emerge.

Good piece from Timothy Noah about why "triggers" are almost always bs. (via @chrislhayes)

View of Columbus Circle from the MAD Museum restaurant.

Chanel, Dior, Blahnik et al on the new online consignment site Covet Shop.

Interesting series on sounds in the kitchen. (via @Gachatz)

Very cool maps! - 'Here & There: a horizonless projection in Manhattan. (via @RobBothan @Metrotwin)

You don't have to be a runner to love Born to Run: great stories about the Tarahumara and wonderful characters

If you watched the Ken Burns docu on the National Parks, check out these recreated WPA Parks postersl.

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[A letter from Ms. C, after MUG readers generously funded yesterday's Donors Choose project]

Dear Irene, Beth, Geraldine, my first reading mentor, Emily, Adam, Pat and Anonymous Donors,

Thank you so much for your generous donation to my school and my students. When I told my students about the new library coming, they were so happy that chaos immediately ensued - happy chaos! My students assaulted me with dozens of questions about what kind of books were coming, who the donors were, & shrieks of excitement. You have touched their lives in a way that you cannot imagine.

Your gift to us will spark a generation of readers and creators. My students will surely be swept away in the stories that they read & the characters that they meet. In addition, they will slowly train their minds to become remarkable analyzers of text, identifiers of themes, & daydreamers of what the world could be. Your gift will transcend time as the little fingerprints of many little readers wear down text & ink.

With gratitude,
Ms. C.

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