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Two for the Show/Roomster

Two for the Show
Why is it that whenever we've gone to a show alone, we always end up sitting next to someone with all the charm of Idi Amin and who invariably talks through the show or answers their cell phone ("Hi! I'm in the theatre!") or unwraps candy…sloooowwwwly? Enter Two for the Show. Their motto is "See Great Shows — Meet Great People." You sign up (it's free, fast, and anonymous) and send a message to someone whose profile and interests seem compatible with yours. When the two of you agree on a show (Broadway, dance, music, etc.), Two for the Show arranges the tickets so that the two of you sit next to each other. The rest is up to you.

Everyone has had, or knows of, a roommate-from-hell story. Roomster can't guarantee you won't end up with a nightmare, but it can stack the odds in your favor. The idea of the service is to connect people who need a roommate or have an apartment to sublet with those who need an apartment. Modeled on Friendster, you can browse through the community, looking for people with rooms to rent or for people looking for one of those rooms. Check out what your prospective roomie's friends have written on his/her behalf. With any luck, you'll be spared a dire living situation.
From the newly-launched NewspaperDirect, you can have same-day delivery of The Times of India, Le Monde, The Sydney Morning Herald or any of over 185 national and international papers from more than 60 countries. You get the complete print editions in a laser-printed 11 x 17 format. It's $6.50 a day for the service. Sign up at the website or call 212.594.6397.

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