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Whatsamatta U? U-Haul's customer service has for years been in serious need of a lube job.

The company continues to anger New Yorkers by using the loosest possible interpretation of the word 'reservation'. Show up at the appointed hour for your vehicle and you may be out of luck. We called the 23rd Street location recently and asked if having a reservation for a 10-foot truck meant a 10-foot truck would be available for us when we arrived. U-Haul's response: "Well, we only have a small number of those, so if other people with reservations get there before you, they'll get the trucks."

But that's not the half of it. The company has an unsatisfactory record with the NY Better Business Bureau. Here's why:

Complaints about advertising issues, credit/billing issues, delivery issues, defective/damaged merchandise, failure to provide service, delayed service, workmanship/repair issues, failure to provide promised adjustment, selling practices, and miscellaneous issues.

That's a company with a lot of issues, no? U-Haul's 2001 company report claims to have reduced complaints by 20%. However, of the complaints in the past three years to NY's Better Business Bureau about U-Haul, almost half have been lodged in the past year. The current grade for the company on is D+.

And when two roommates began a 'U-Haul sucks'-type website in 1998 after rental truck breakdowns turned an 8-hour trip into a 27-hour ordeal, U-Haul sued them for trademark infringement and libel.

Our advice? Use Penske,, 212.741.9800. Number of complaints received by the Better Business Bureau about Penske in the past three years? Zero.
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