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Every Person in New York

While New York continues its impression of Seattle, or at least The Killing's impression of Seattle—rain, heavy downpours, followed by more rain—you may want to buy an umbrella that will last longer than a single commute.

Both the GustBuster (our favorite) and ShedRain make umbrellas designed to prevent that aggravating thwoop-and-inversion thing during blustery weather. And they really work. You just have to be willing to take ownership of an umbrella, since they run $25 and much higher.

Rain or Shine, 45 E. 45th [Mad/Vanderbilt] 212.741.9650, is precip central, selling a wide range of brollies, from sensible British to stylish French, minis, doubles, clear bubbles, and parasols. They also repair.

How to Use An Umbrella
• Felix Salmon on Umbrellas

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