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Unringing the Bell

Every week is humbling when your subject is New York City and this week was no exception for us. It's like a school where you never graduate, you just keep showing up for class and try to follow along.

'Mercury is in retrograde,' a friend of ours emailed. Well, it would be nice to blame Mercury, but the fault is not in our stars (or planets). Not for the first time, nor the last, we botched an article — yesterday's piece about the David Sedaris stories (as it turned out, being read without Mr. Sedaris), which is a benefit for Everybody Wins. It didn't live up to our standards or your expectations, and we sincerely regret it.

Having said that, we hope you'll still go to the event if you've got tickets, since it should be a good time and it's for a good cause.

We did get a note from Dannielle Romano, the editor-at-large of Daily Candy, that we wanted to share with you (we also got an obscene one from Allison Griffin at Conde Nast, apparently a friend of Ms. Romano's, that's too ugly to reprint, but includes a suggestion on where the tickets she bought might be thrust into the body of MUG's publisher).

What an embarassment [sic]. For someone who couldn't be more pedantic and small, or more of a know-it-all, your gross error today must be humiliating. Somehow it doesn't surprise me that the one time you actually write something interesting (oh wait, the one where you interviewed yourself spewing bitter inanity about Zagat was hilarious) you screwed it up royally. Looking forward to your next screed about what's wrong with everyone but you. Great work, as always!

[Note to Dannielle: your name shows up even if you don't sign your email and you're emailing from a Yahoo account without your name in the address.]

On another story, the Salvation Army's tradition of playing at the '21' Club over the holidays, several readers brought to our attention certain facts about the Salvation Army of which we were unaware. There is no question that the SA provides many worthy services here in New York and around the country. But learning about a far less agreeable side of the organization changed how we felt about it.

Simply put, the SA has an institutionally anti-gay policy, though they say they do not. Decide for yourself: they have publicly stated their desire not to comply with laws prohibiting job discrimination and will not hire openly gay or lesbian people, nor will they provide domestic partner benefits for workers in their secular social services division. The organization receives $70 million dollars a year from the city, money the SA is prepared to forego if required to abide by the city's Equal Benefits Bill. Whether or not you toss some coins into their buckets or into their tambourine at '21' is your call. But to our way of thinking, once you tolerate discrimination, it's hard to unring that bell.

[More on the story from the Gotham Gazette]
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