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Behind the Curtain, two dozen photos by Armen Danilian behind the scenes of the Kirov Ballet, is a one-day exhibit on April 14th…Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Steve Carrell, and a slew of other comedians appear at the Beacon this Sunday night, televised live on Comedy Central, in a show called "Night of Too Many Stars—An Overbooked Concert for Autism Education"…Out now, MemoraBEALEia: A Private Scrapbook About Edie Beale of Grey Gardens First Cousin To First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

indie rock… Saturday: Hot Chip electro-pops it up at Terminal 5. Saturday: Rogue Wave fills up The Fillmore East at Irving Plaza with beautifully bittersweet pop melodies. Just Announced…6/1: The Raconteurs (3rd show added). 7/9: Feist

photography… Photographer and photojournalist Marvin Newman has a wonderful collection of NYC images on exhibit at Silverstein Photography, 535 W. 24th [10th/11th] 212.627.3930, including our main image today, entitled Wall Street II.

classical… Tonight, 8pm, at the Times Center, 620 8th [40th], the Metropolis Ensemble gives their Spring Concert, which will include a world premiere Piano Concerto by Ryan Francis. $25 at the door.

talk… On Saturday, 2:30pm, at the Philoctetes Center, 247 E. 82nd [2nd/3rd] 646.422.0544, a roundtable discussion called "Opening Pandora's Box: From Ancient Sacrifice to Family Secrets" about the meaning of this myth. Free, and also live streamed.

wine bar… In yesterday's Times, Eric Asimov left off one of our favorite wine bars, The Wine Bar at 50 Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights. Nice wines, of course, plus an even nicer vibe. Their salads, $9, can make a whole meal and they rock.

We've got a hate on just now for the Atari Corporation, which thought it would be cool to plaster public property in NY neighborhoods with hundreds of red Atari stickers. Okay, so we've become one of those railing old coots—but this kind of advertising strikes us as very uncool. We'd fine them for each sticker if we had the power.


Last week we asked which stores you'd most like in your nabe. Today we're wondering who you'd like least, or those you'd most like to fold up their tent and slink away.




Duane Reade


Home Depot


Pinky Nail Salon




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