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Learning From the Netherlands About Bikes

book Aleksandar Hemon can't help writing exquisitely, as evidenced in his short stories and articles for the New Yorker. Just out, The Book of My Lives, a collection of previously published essays that read all of a piece—by turns funny, trenchant, and moving. The blue extra-terrestrial on the cover is a red herring and probably does this deeply human memoir a disservice.

music Two singer-songwriters who have two new and fine albums. Lori Lieberman's 15th recording, Bricks Against the Glass, may be her best yet. The same can be said of Amy Speace's How to Sleep in a Stormy Boat. Start with The Sea and Shore featuring John Fullbright. (The video, which features marionettes, works. This. One. Time.)

festival Today through Sunday, the Megapolis Festival, at which musicians and urban planners, radio producers and documentarians celebrate the art of sound at various locations around the city. Lots of installations, talks, open studio recordings, screenings, and parties.

photography Opening tonight at Bonni Benrubi, 41 E. 57th [Mad] 212.888.6007, Altered States, at which the French-born, Brooklyn-based artist Karine Laval shows new photographs, including a series in which a dancer creates underwater movement.

art The Sculpture Center, 44-19 Purves [Jackson/Thomson] 718.361.1750, opens Better Homes on April 22, a group show built around the idea of domestic space.

food Lucky Rice, a festival of Asian cuisines, takes place April 29-May 5.

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