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music We've got a pair of tickets to tomorrow night's Lucero NY CD release show of Women and Work at Webster Hall. The punk/country rockers play at 8:30pm, J. Roddy Walston and the Business at 7:30. Send us an email by 1pm to enter the drawing and we'll announce the winner in this space on our website shortly after that.

NYC artist and musician Natalie LeBrecht, who records as Greenpot Bluepot, debuts her new album Ascend At The Dead End at a listening party on Friday, 7pm in the LES gallery End of Century, 237 Eldridge [Houston/Stanton] 646.580.4051. Boing Boing says LeBrecht carries "the torch of New York's downtown avant garde into contemporary popular music." The event is free, but you can email us and the winner of a random drawing will win a copy of the album/handmade album art at the party (you gotta be at the party to get it). Hear more here.

photography America Through a Chinese Lens and Media and Mobilization Beyond Tiananmen Square are two new exhibits at opening at Museum of Chinese in America on April 26. The former features images of American life by contemporary Chinese and Chinese American artists, the latter looks back to the protests of June, 1989. [Top image: Tseng Kwong Chi. Bottom image: Tony Saich]

shopping British-born artist and designer Rory Dobner gets a welcome toehold in the U.S., thanks to Maison 24, which parted some floor space to his fab Victoriana/goth houseware designs. 470 Park [57th/58th] 212.355.2414.

jazz Jazz vocalist Nicole Henry takes audiences at Feinstein's back to the 70s, singing the likes of Aretha, Joni, Stevie Wonder, Roberta Flack, and Al Green.
May 8-12.

We only have to hear two or three bars of Carol Welsman's voice for it to make our day. Her new album, Journey is a joy. And she turns By the Time I Get to Phoenix into a gorgeous torch song.

Kickstarter project we're psyched about: funding Justin Vivian Bond's new CD Silver Wells, produced by another of our favorites—Thomas Bartlett (Doveman).

A gala to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Delacorte, to the day, on Monday, June 18th. The evening honors Al Pacino, includes al fresco dinner, and features a staged reading of Romeo and Juliet with Kevin Kline and Meryl Streep!

April 23 is World Book Night. Share books and the love of reading.

[Following our article on NYC BIDS (The Sidewalk), Sean Basinski of the Urban Justice Center wrote to us complaining of comments from the head of the 34th Street Partnership, Dan Biederman. We published Mr. Basinski's letter (in MUG's Radar section). This is Mr. Biederman's response.]

We weren/t surprised to see that the Urban Justice Center's Sean Basinski is falling back on the group's customary MO, and dragging your publication in. That is, "someone disagrees with us, so they're racist and elitist".

For the record, the 34th Street Partnership, along with dozens of other BIDs, block associations, Community Boards, and elected officials in our rapidly expanding coalition, objects to the current vending situation on New York's streets because the vending tables and vending carts are illegally over-sized, ugly, located in the wrong places, hosting horrible LED signs and polluting generators, littering our sidewalks and curbs, and ignoring all health standards.

In past decades, when food carts were smaller, there were fewer of them, and they had no LED signs, there was far less unhappiness from BIDs and the real estate community. The employees at those carts were immigrants too!

We know this will not affect the group's normal over-heated rhetoric, but the Urban Justice Center ought to stick to the facts, even if they're inconvenient.

Dan Biederman
34th Street Partnership

Lower East Side (from 2010)

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