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The 4th annual competitive short fiction reading series from L Magazine, Literary Upstart, starts tonight… Sharon McNight honors a diverse group of performers, including Merman, Patsy Cline, and Madeline Kahn, in her show Gone, But Not Forgotten… Acker Merrall & Condit holds a major auction of vintage Champagnes this Friday.

indie rock… Friday: Go see a bunch of good bands at Barnard College for free all day Friday! Saturday: Hometown heroes The Fiery Furnaces rock up Southpaw. A sure sell-out? Just Announced…8/27: Nine Inch Nails. 9/19 - 9/21: All Tomorrow's Parties NY with My Bloody Valentine + more!

book… CBS needs this right now like a poke in the eye, but tomorrow night, Roger Mudd discusses his new book The Place to Be: Washington, CBS, and the Glory Days of TV News with Leslie Stahl at the Columbus Circle Borders, 6pm.

movie… A new thriller from director Claude Lelouch, Roman de Gare, has a noteworthy cast, including Fanny Ardant and Audrey Dana.

theater… Legendary Cornelia Street theater Caffe Cino, sometimes called the birthplace of Off-Off Broadway, is the topic of discussion by Christine Karatnytsky, Scripts Librarian in the Public Library's Billy Rose Theatre Division. It takes place, aptly enough, at the Cornelia Street Cafe, 29 Cornelia [Bleecker/W. 4th] on Monday night, 6:30-8pm. $7, reservations needed.

out of town… Budget Travel has a good roundup of Mother-Daughter Getaways in time for Mother's Day, including a spa retreat in Charleston and a picnic in Colorado's Mesa Verde National Park.

art… Opening tonight at the new gallery Nicelle Beauchene, 163 Eldridge [Rivington/Delancey] 212.375.8043, drawings, animations, and sculpture by Louise Despont called The Plant Life of Saints.

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