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dance Jody Oberfelder Dance Projects has been an essential dance company in the city for over two decades and Ms. Oberfelder continues to create witty, surprising, memorable dance pieces. The latest is The Soldier's Tale, playing three nights at Pace's Schimmel Center, June 9th-11th. The choreographer transposes the Stravinsky work to the modern world and she describes her version as "a roller-coaster ride, a kinetic journey that takes place within the soldier's mind as he grapples with what life offers." She'll be adding movies, animated graphics, and an aerial section to the mix and the Knickerbocker Chamber Orchestra will be playing live. We can't wait! [Photo: Jordan Matter]

food Danny Meyer, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Jacques Pépin talk food and wine with host Robert Rosenthal on May 10th, 7pm, at the Museum of Arts & Design. Tickets are $50 and $100, with proceeds going to the Pediatric RSD Fund for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. This devastating neurological disease, which puts children into constant, excruciating pain, is treated by exactly one doctor at this one hospital. When Rosenthal learned that the daughter of a friend was suffering from Pediatric RSD, and of the paucity of treatment options, he put together this event, which he's calling A-List Dads vs. Pediatric RSD.

Caravans come and go, but we're especially sorry to see Adriana's Caravan pulling up stakes. Before they do, they're having a blow-out sale on their herbs and spices, condiments, jams, and other food goodies. It's happening tomorrow and Saturday, 11-4, at 47-49 Greene [Broome/Grand] #4E. Everything is 40% off and if you spend over $25, you'll get a free Adriana's Caravan Cookbook. No cash, cc only, bring your own bag. They'd appreciate an RSVP before you show up.

event The Rubin is always coming up with cool ideas and this is their latest: a game of telephone on the High Line. At one end of the High Line, Tibetan Lama Pema Wangdak. He will whisper a sutra to the person next to him, continuing down a Karma chain until it reaches Salman Rushdie, who will speak (and tweet) what he heard. It takes place this Saturday, and you can participate (free) by registering that morning on the High Line under the Standard Hotel, no later than 10:45am.

music Lori Lieberman was one of the great singer-songwriters to emerge in the 70s, though she never had the acclaim she deserved. Best known for writing Killing Me Softly With His Song, she released a number of records before stepping out of the music world to raise a family. Recently, though, she's returned with the superb album Gun Metal Sky and a new one: Bend Like Steel. She'll be performing on Sunday at Joe's Pub (7:30pm, $25). Check out the cut He Needs You here.

out of town At the bottom of one of the 5th arrondissement's oldest and loveliest market streets, the rue Mouffetard, is a café-bistrot that, frankly, looks like every other café-bistrot you've seen. The red awning. The standard-issue café-terrasse woven chairs. No-one would fault you for suspecting you've hit upon a tourist trap: old and lovely though it may be, the rue Mouffetard is very much on the Left Bank map, and there are plenty of spots ready to make a quick Euro off a wanderer who's looking to be charmed. [Continued]

Judah S. Harris offers photography walking tours where you'll go off the beaten path in Central Park and improve your photography technique. The three-hour workshop is $45. More

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Save the Essex Street Market from the community board, which wants to move it to a 'superior location'.

Tomorrow night, a benefit for the Bronx Academy of Letters, a beacon of education in a poor community, a school that emphasizes the word — stressing excellence in reading and writing. The event honors Prune's Gabrielle Hamilton, who will also provide the food for the evening. Anthony Bourdain is the master of ceremonies. It will take place at Sun Studios, 450 W. 31st [9th/10th] from 6-9pm. Tickets start at $150.

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