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public space… The odds were formidable against it ever happening, and yet, wonderfully, miraculously, the High Line groundbreaking takes place this coming Monday, noon-1:30pm, at Little W. 12th [9th/Wash]. If you want to attend the ceremony, you should RSVP here or call 212.206.9922. The event takes place on street level and there will be entertainment. Our hats off to Friends of the High Line co-founders Robert Hammond and Joshua David — they and the rest of the organization and its supporters deserve great heaps of gratitude from fellow New Yorkers. By the way, if you want to see what Paris did with a similar elevated railroad, you can see images of the Promenade Plantée here.

indie rock… Thursday: Rahim celebrates their new album at Rothko with Foreign Islands and Other Passengers.Saturday: The fearsome Brooklyn threesome Oneida plays Northsix. Just Announced at Bowery Ballroom: 5/9 Guillemots, 6/16 Band of Horses, 6/29 & 7/03 Jose Gonzalez.

sound and visual art… At the Diapason Gallery, 1026 6th [38th/39th] 212.719.4393, tonight from 9pm-3am, Direct — a series of 25-minute sets by audio/visual artists, linked by DJs. Diapason is the only NYC venue with a sole focus on sound art. $8.

photography… An exhibition of the vintage black and white images by photographer Arthur Tress opens tonight, 6-8pm, at Clamp Art, 531 W. 25th [10th/11th] 646.230.0020. These are a rare vintage prints from the artist's collection on display (and for sale) focusing on his celebrated series from the late 60s "Open Space in the Inner City."

travel…We learned from the excellent travel website Gadling about an online travel magazine called Latitudes from Italy (there's an English version available). Gadling writes that each issue "…provides new visual joy for the avid traveler…or for the vicarious one…" We spent some time browsing the mag and we agree wholeheartedly.

talk… This should be some highly entertaining talk: the event is called "Curiosity Did Not Kill This Cat" — the great Studs Terkel being interviewed by the not-exactly-shabby-himself Calvin Trillin. It takes place tomorrow night at CUNY, 365 5th [34th] 212.817.8215, $10, we'd suggest getting your tickets now, rather than chancing the door.
Time Geeks: Our sentence yesterday about the one-time-only 01:02:03 04/05/06 lost some qualifiers along the way — it should have said something like 'in this century' or in this lifetime.

Food Police: While we occasionally look at the city's restaurant health inspections (Inspect This), we're not interested in being cast as the food police. However. We were surprised to find escolar, a fish, being sold at a shop in Chelsea Market. It's not, to our knowledge, prohibited for sale, but it does come with a gotcha. The fish is delicious — similar to Chilean sea bass in flavor, and has a heavy fat content. The gotcha is that if not prepared correctly or if you eat a lot of it, because of a natural but indigestible wax within the tissue of the fish, it can cause diarrhea and stomach cramps, as well as headache, nausea, and vomiting. Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln…


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