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theater Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play by Anne Washburn, starts August 23 at Playwrights Horizons, imagining a world in which the Simpsons provides a mythology for human beings after an apocalypse.

movie Cutie and the Boxer is a documentary about the 40-year marriage of two artists, Ushio and Noriko Shinohara.

book Here's one for vacation, staycation or self-medication: any of the Bruno books, starting with Bruno, Chief of Police or the newest, The Devil's Cave. Martin Walker's series, set in the Dordogne, is all pastoral charm, food and wine, and a mystery in the mix.

music Brooklyn-based Julianna Barwick, makes ambient, dreamy music that practically levitates. It may not be for everyone, but if you love it—and we do—you'll be psyched to hear her new album, Nepenthe, out August 20. She'll be performing that night, 7pm, at Judson Memorial Church auditorium. Tickets are $15 in advance.

shopping Just 24 days left in our campaign to fund Shop Talk, New York's 100 Most Interesting Stores. We're over 70% of the way there, and we'd love to have you be part of the project. We can guarantee one thing: the cover will be wonderful since it will feature an illustration by Matte Stephens, whose work is pictured above (see more of his work here.)

We'll be on a break for two weeks. See you in September!

Crosby Street (from 2011)

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