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movie… Summer's the time to hit the road, and at the movies it's no different. Close on the tail lights of the quirky charmer "Little Miss Sunshine" comes "The Puffy Chair", starring, written, and directed by brothers Mark and Jay Duplass. Basic setup: a 20-something guy buys an old La-Z-Boy on eBay for his father and then sets out to deliver it, girlfriend and brother in tow. Fans of the film (it was shown at Sundance) say it may have been shot on a shoestring, but there's a generous supply of burgeoning talent. Opens tomorrow at the Angelika.

indie rock… Thursday: Indie rock supergroup The New Pornographers play a hot benefit show in Prospect Park. Friday: Only Hot Chip can sound like Stevie Wonder, Madlib and Devo all at once. Free! Just Announced…9/29: Yo La Tengo. 9/30: Mates of State. 10/01: Third Sufjan Stevens show added.

shopping… Here's a way to bring some eco-sensitivity to your next picnic: Branch makes biodegradable plates, cups, and utensils. The utensils are made from potato starch, the rest from sugar cane fiber, which is a byproduct of the sugar refining process. A pack of 25 nine-inch plates is $5.50, 50 sets of utensils are $13.50.

food… One thing for sure about chef Matthew Kenney: he's not predictable. Having loved his Mediterranean food from the old Matthew's on 3rd Avenue, and his late takeout place Mezze, it's been interesting to watch his evolution into raw food guru. Now he's set up shop at The Plant, 25 Jay [John] 718.722.7541, in Dumbo, where you can sign up for classes on raw cooking (we know, oxymoron), as well as Friday night dinners.

reading… Rory Stewart has got stories, better stories than almost anyone we can name. Mr. Stewart is the author of The Places in Between, which focused on the Afghanistan portion of his 20-month walk from Turkey to Bangladesh and The Prince of the Marshes, which chronicles his year in Iraq trying to help with the rebuilding effort as deputy governor in Amarah and then Nasiriyah. You can hear some of those stories when Mr. Stewart turns up at Barnes and Noble Astor Place on Tuesday, August 8th, 7pm.

out of town… From Gate 1 Travel, via Travelzoo, roundtrip to Budapest between November and March, plus four nights hotel, is $499, exclusive of airport taxes and fees (total is about $100). You can upgrade the hotel for modest supplements.

dog days brunch… It's take-your-dog-to-brunch month throughout August at Opus 22, 559 W. 22nd [11th] 212.929.7515, Sundays, 11am-3pm, sponsored by Sauvage Studio and Leashes & Lovers.

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