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tour… The Los Angeles landscape architecture firm Field Operations is certainly going to leave its mark on New York. That's because they're working on the High Line, the two public spaces at the base of Frank Gehry's Beekman Plaza, and the future Fresh Kills Park on Staten Island, (Could there be a worse name for a park? Rank Entrails Park?) Anyway, you can see what Field Operations is up to this Saturday, 10am, on a tour with the Urban Rangers. Only 7 seats left. Sign up here.

indie rock… Saturday: Beach House brings their slow, subtly seductive songs to Mercury Lounge.
 Sunday: Eccentro-garage-blues duo The Fiery Furnaces play a free show at
Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens.
Just Announced…10/19: M.I.A. 10/23 & 10/24: The Shins. 11/01 & 11/02: The Decemberists

food… The NY Foodie Club will have an event on Saturday at noon, at Bondi Road, 153 Rivington [Clinton/Suffolk] 212.253.5311, with Jenni Ferrari-Adler, author of Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant.

shopping… Now through Sunday, the IF Boutique, 94 Grand [Greene/Mercer] 212.334.4964, has huge savings (up to 85% off) on major designer names.

out of town… From our friends at Travelzoo, an Irish castle package: Airfare, six nights, daily breakfast, plus free car rental, at the five-star Adare Manor. You must book as a group of four. That's a pretty amazing deal.

books… British singer-songwriter John Wesley Harding is now the author of a second novel as Wesley Stace. It's called By George and it's the story of a performing family, including a ventriloquist's dummy named George. The author will be at Barnes and Noble, Astor Place tonight, 7pm.

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