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Saving the Lion's Cage: NYPL's multi-story stacks, is a talk at The Skyscraper Museum about the impending removal of millions of books from the main branch. 9/6, 6:30pm.

Cabernet and Charcuterie tasting, 8/30, on a Hell's Kitchen rooftop. $25.

Last chance to see the exhibit Weegee: Murder is My Business at ICP. Closes 9/2.

movies The Ambassador, a documentary/satire that owes a bit to Sacha Baron Cohen, finds Danish journalist and director Mads Brügger posing as a Liberian ambassador to the Central African Republic. Funny, offensive, and entertaining from start to finish. Opens today at IFC. The director will be on hand at select shows.

food You can call dibs on some of the 1810 pounds that's still available of central-Texas-style barbecue brisket currently on the futures market. It's part of Dan Delaney's latest plan to takeover NY 'cue-wise, this time with a pop-up smoked meat eatery dubbed BrisketTown. The brisket is $25 a pound and pre-ordering gets you into their members-only system to dine on the goods.

theater Broadway just hasn't been the same without Gerard Alessandrini to make fun of it. Wrong righted: a new edition of Forbidden Broadway, this one dubbed Alive & Kicking, takes on your Mormon show, your Porgy and Bess, Once, and calls out all the shtick that makes Broadway what it is. In previews now at the 47th Street Theatre, opening September 6.

books Longtime MUG readers know how much we love New York's mom-and-pop businesses—what's left of them, anyway. We're not alone: Jamie McDonald, author and host of the TV series New York Originals, has written a book of the same name, a guide to the 'city's classic shops & Mom and Pops'. Good stuff—75 entries include Russ and Daughters, a slot-car racing place in Brooklyn, and Killmeyer's Old Bavaria Inn.

walk Not your father's walk, that's for sure. Under the auspices of Elastic City, sound artist and experimental turntablist Maria Chavez does a participatory walk called Chance Procedures in Motion that involves "navigating the city by chasing subways in available directions." No idea! But it sounds cool. September 7, 6:30pm $20, starts at Printed Matter bookstore, 195 10th [22nd] 212.925.0325.

MUG is going on a break until Tuesday, September 4. Happy Labor Day!

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