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books… Your odds of encountering a new indie bookstore are nearly as long as running into J. D. Salinger on the street and having him ask you to dinner. So we couldn't be happier to note the opening of Idlewild, 12 W. 19th [5th/6th] 212.414.8888, a travel-themed bookstore which organizes its shelves by geography, mixing guide books with novels set in a particular state or country.

indie rock… Friday - Sunday: Radiohead headlines two nights of the All Points West fest at Liberty State Park in Jersey City. Friday: Cass McCombs croon-pops it for free (with Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson) at South Street Seaport. Just Announced…9/24: Weezer. 10/23: The Magnetic Fields. 10/24: Broken Social Scene. 12/11: Bon Iver

eventSummer Streets is an imaginative idea from the City that will take place on August 9th, 16th, and 23rd, 7am-1pm. The idea is to create a 7-mile, car-free route from the Brooklyn Bridge all the way to Central Park. Along the way, activities of all kinds.

class… Learn jewelry making at Studio 174, 174 N. 11th [Driggs] 718.218.7735, in Williamsburg. Beginners can take on sawing, filing polishing, acid etching—the whole nine yards.

comedy… Comedian Ted Greenberg does a solo turn at the Fringe Festival, five shows beginning Sunday, August 10th, 8pm at the Jazz Gallery, 290 Hudson [Spring/Dominick]. Mr. Greenberg used to write for Letterman and you'll see why: the comedian is adept at self-referential, passive-aggressive shtick and has a keen appreciation of the absurd.

out of town… On Saturday, the Municipal Art Society sponsors a trip to visit the Pennsylvania studios of wood craftsmen George Nakashima and Wharton Esherick. The tour will be led by architectural historian Justin Ferate. $170 for non-members, RSVP online or at 212.935.2075.

movie… The most maddeningly catchy theme music ever written has to be for the movie Borsalino, Jacques Deray's pic set in 1920s Marseille, a gangster flick invariably described as 'rollicking'. Plays at Film Forum on Tuesday, August 12th.

gone -- manhattan marble (from july 04)

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