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art… At the hpgrp, 32-36 Little W. 12th [9th/Wash] 212.727.2491, a two-part show called "Tokyo With a Twist," showcasing contemporary Japanese artists. Part One concludes August 10th, Part Two begins August 11th, with an opening reception on Saturday, 6-8pm.

digital tour… At the SkyscraperCity forum, check out the showcase by member nygirl, who has done a lot of legwork to compile a photographic essay of Manhattan Neighborhoods, with over 2500 shots of 200 or so city blocks.

books… William Gibson's new novel, Spook Country, is a thriller in distinctly Gibsonian terms: a new, virtual art form called Locative Art, sensitive political information, and a cargo container that holds…something of interest. Mr. Gibson will be at Barnes & Noble Union Square, 7pm, on Tuesday, August 14th.

shopping… Whether or not Boots No. 7 Restore & Renew lives up to the hype (and it's earned a rapid, rabid following), this anti-aging serum from the British megachain is now on shelves at CVS. It's $21.99. Avoid Amazon by all means on this one; they're gouging at $64.95 for the product.

out of town… A perfect time to think about fall and leaves, and a little cruise to Halifax, Bar Harbor, Boston, and Martha's Vineyard, via Travelzoo, is $399 for six nights.

opera… Refresh yourself with a cooling double helping of Puccini, courtesy of the Empire Opera, performing Suor Angelica and Gianni Schicchi at Christ and St. Stephen's Church, 120 W. 69th [Bway/Col], August 16, 17, 23, and 24th. Advance tickets are $20-$30.
Reader Feedback on OZOcar:
I appreciate your inclusion of OZOcar, but they've been a real bear for us. I don't know a time that they've actually once been on-time for a pick-up for the employees of my company. We went through months of agonizing cost analyses against the big black car firms in order to recommend them to my leadership just to have them provide simply excruciating service. For the perspective as the director of sustainability for my company, OZOcar has been a remarkable disappointment. A great idea, horrible execution.

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