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movie Mr. Turner, a new film by Mike Leigh, is a biography of painter J.M.W. Turner that teems with life thanks to Mr. Leigh's fellow feeling for the artist and the jagged man he was, and an especially fine performance by Timothy Spall.

photography Rear Window Treatment, currently at Louis B. James, 143b Orchard [Rivington/Delancey] 212.533.4670, is a group show themed around Hitchcock's movie and issues of privacy and voyeurism. [Some images NSFW]

event Tonight, become part of John Hodgman's Secret Society Meeting, which promises comedy, drinks and a secret oath. It takes place at the Grand Masonic Lodge, 8pm, $25.

cd An album about faith isn't something we'd ordinarily write about, but an album about faith and doubt, that's a different matter. Have Faith, by Broadway performer Mary Testa and arranger Michael Starobin, mixes genres freely (show music, Prince, Annie Lennox) and the results are salutary. They'll be performing songs from the album (Mr. Starobin on piano) at the Laurie Beechman Theater, January 4-5 and 11-12. Tickets.

music Dream poppers A Sunny Day in Glasgow play Rough Trade, December 27, 8pm. Their latest album is Sea When Absent.

Chelsea (from 2012)

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