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movies… DocuDay New York, a one-day, all-day series of Oscar-nominated documentary screenings, takes place on Saturday, 9:30am, and goes until midnight. It's at the Directors Guild, 110 W. 57th [6/7th]. Tickets are $11 per screening, $65 for an all-day pass. More info here.

indie rock… Saturday: The disjointed melodies and angular guitar goodness of Oxford Collapse graces Glasslands. Monday: Chicago's Chin Up Chin Up and their completely catchy math-pop comes to Union Hall. Just Announced…3/14: The Shins. 4/20: Hot Chip. 5/01 & 5/02: Peter Bjorn and John.

events… It's impossible to stay on top of all the places to have a party in the city, unless that's what you do for a living. That's what Great Places does for a living. The website has good info, but the book, $7.95, is handy, too.

photography… On now at the Fountain Gallery, 702 9th [48th] 212.262.2756, an exhibit of works by Francesco Scavullo called "Scavullo Portfolio: Hollywood Women and Song." Scavullo's black and white images look as fresh today as they ever did.

shopping… We're not sure exactly how it happened, but we've fallen in love with our espresso machine. It's unnatural. We blame the clever marketing from Nespresso, plus an amazingly good (and easy) cup of espresso from a home machine. Now they've got a coffee bar and boutique open at 761 Mad [65th/66th].

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