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Unveiling on Friday, 11am, a site-specific installation titled when it opens like this, up is not over by artist Rena Leinberger. Located under the Queensboro Bridge in LIC, Leinberger's work considers barricades and vistas in fresh ways. [Pictured above]

Edmund White, much-esteemed writer of novels with gay themes, has a new book: Jack Holmes & His Friend. The author will be at powerHouse Arena bookstore in DUMBO, 2/7, 7-9pm. RSVP

Manhattan, part of it anyway, gets a fresh, mid-century treatment by Bo Lundberg, one of the artists currently featured on the newly-launched site Stampa, featuring archival prints by commercial illustrators.

Crisis and Critique, a video and audio-sculptural installation by Norway's Per-Oskar Leu at Triple Canopy, 155 Freeman [Manhattan/Franklin] Greenpoint 347.529.5182, opens Friday, 2/10, 7pm. The intersection of art and politics is seen, in part, by Leu's use of Bertolt Brecht's testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee.

art The Met goes meta with Spies in the House of Art, a show of photographs, videos, and film about the way museums have inspired the creation of art, putting the art before the source. [Pictured: Untitled by Cindy Sherman]

food An evening about baking powder? According to food historian Linda Civitello, the barely-noticed ingredient 'revolutionized American cooking, created fortunes, and spawned a vicious trade war that lasted more than fifty years.' Ms. Civitello will give a talk called The Baking Powder Revolution: Creating an Edible American Identity, sponsored by the Culinary Historians of NY, on February 13th, 7pm, at the Roger Smith Hotel, $40.

theater A couple of years ago, we wrote in MUG about Broadway flops, "The musical version of Carrie, [was] a ghastly farrago so absurd that it prompted us into an uncontrollable laughing fit many years ago during one preview—for which we tender our belated apologies to Betty Buckley et al." A revival of the musical has begun previews at the Lucille Lortel, produced by MCC Theater. For the occasion, the New Yorker asks, Is 'Carrie' the Worst Musical of All Time?

science Mind-blowing in all the right ways: A Universe from Nothing, a new book by Lawrence M. Krauss, star of the hit YouTube video of the same name, is about the latest cosmological thinking, including the birth of a notion that the universe came into existence 13.75 billion years ago, something arising from nothing. Steam comes out of brain as we try to make sense of what he's saying, in a good way.

out of town Excursionist is a newly-launched web service by a former AmEx travel exec, focused not on deals but on over 300 creative travel experiences that sometimes include exclusive access.

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