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graphic artMister Cartoon has tattooed Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, and Eminem. He's also got a graphic novel coming out called The Lost Angel. He'll be signing sample pages from it at Comic Con in the Javits Center tomorrow night, 7-8pm, in the Warner Books booth.

indie rock… Saturday: Trans Am and Oneida take their eclectic sonic experimentation to Knitting Factory. Saturday: Cake Shop's the place to rock Call Me Lightning's super-skittish, angular punk. Just announced…4/29: Yo La Tengo. 5/17: Andrew Bird.

movies… Opening tomorrow, Starter for 10 is set in the mid-1980s, and tells the story of a working class student at a British university who is determined to make the team — the University Challenge TV quiz show team. Bonus: great soundtrack.

out of town… While we're on the topic of the U.K., you can head to London for $149 each way, thanks to this Travelzoo find.

jazz… Most of the time we're not into a heavy vibrato, but when it's Randy Crawford's pipes, that's a different story. Over the years, she's recorded a slew of albums and even when her material's been sub-par, she's always sounded great. And she still does: check out her brand-new CD with Joe Sample.

sale… Tomorrow through March 12th, a sale on designer eyewear at Chelsee Eyes, 20 W. 20th [5th/6th] Suite 804 212.242.4823, open M-F, 10-5, Saturdays and evenings by appointment. Up to 70% off Mikli, Lafont, Prada, Kio Yamato, and more. Checks ok, no cc.

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