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radio… The inestimable WFMU turns 50 year, and to celebrate, they're having a fundraising marathon starting February 25th. Upcoming projects include a booster antenna in Manhattan and the launch of a free online music archive. Oh, and another year of great music. Kick something into the bucket here. Go on.

indie rock… Friday: Genghis Tron brings their electro-punk-brutality to Knitting Factory. Who knew hardcore could be so toe-tappingly friendly? Saturday: Black Mountain swirls, drones and gorgeously psychs up Glasslands in Brooklyn. Just Announced…3/27: Sunset Rubdown. 5/10: Adam Green (of The Moldy Peaches). 5/24: Islands (ex-Unicorns)

movies… Guillaume Depardieu and Jeanne Balibar provide ample reason to see The Duchess of Langeais, opening tomorrow at the IFC and Lincoln Plaza Cinemas. Not only that, you get 1820s Paris as seen through the eyes of New Wave master Jacques Rivette.

cocktails… There are lots of ways to celebrate Black History month, but the one with the highest proof may be at the Brooklyn wine and spirits shop LeNell's 416 Van Brunt [Coffey/Van Dyke] 718.360.0838. All weekend, they'll be featuring African-American winemakers as well as mixology legend Tom Bullock, the African-American drink-slinger who wrote The Ideal Bartender in 1917.

shopping… When it comes to sneakers, we're partial to a beat-up pair of Chuck's (Converse's Chuck Taylor line), but if you want to up your game by a serious magnitude, Flight Club NY, 120 Nassau [Beekman/Ann] 212.233.7178, has the limited-edition Air Jordan 23 premier in stock for $1600.

out of town… Get a Copa tan thanks to this offer flagged by Travelzoo. You get roundtrip airfare to Rio de Janeiro and hotel (5 nights), for $826, plus taxes. Dates available are in April and May, additional dates through December are available with a surcharge. Book by February 29th.

stories… On Monday, February 25th, The Moth hosts its monthly StorySLAM at The Bitter End, 147 Bleecker [Thompson/LaGuardia], 7pm sign up, 7:30pm show ($6). The theme for this one is traditions. As Moth points out, "You love 'em or hate 'em. Much of this depends on who instigated them — ourselves, an annoying family member, or Hallmark."

Flight Attendants

"Flight Attendants" is the name of the new show of photographs by Brian Finke at Clamp Art, 521-531 W. 25th [10th/11th] 646.230.0020.

There are lots of fun-read, what-it's-like-to-be-a-flight-attendant books,
including Plane Insanity, Air Babylon, and
Flying By the Seat of My Pants.

From swizzle sticks to airsickness bags to Junior Stewardess Pins, there's a large market for airline memorabilia. Go to The Airchive for browsing, eBay for buying. And don't miss the tribute to stew's uniforms at Stewardess Uniform Collection.

Finally, Boeing-Boeing, the sort-of-classic-of-its-kind farce about "a bachelor juggling three flight attendant fiancees," returns to Broadway in April starring Christine Baranski, The comedy, which eked out 23 performances on Broadway in 1965, was a long-running hit in London.


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