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Unmonumental, an exhibition in four parts at the New Museum…Matt Beynon Rees, author of his second Omar Yussef mystery, A Grave in Gaza, will be at Partners and Crime for a reading and signing, on Tuesday, February 12th, 7pm… Today through Sunday, up to 40% off furniture and accessories at ABC Carpet's Bronx outlet.

indie rock… Friday: England's Gallows get crazy and dangerous at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Saturday: Liars and No Age make for an explosive 1-2 lo-fi synth punk punch! Watch 'em at Warsaw. Just Announced…3/4: Beastie Boys. 4/16 & 4/17: Colin Meloy. 4/29 & 4/30: Feist.

photography… At Sean Kelly Gallery, 528 W. 29th [10th/11th] 212.239.1181, starting Saturday, "Certain People," a selection of portraits from the 70s and 80s by Robert Mapplethorpe of artists, dancers, and writers—people like Louise Bourgeois, Laurie Anderson, Truman Capote, and de Kooning.

moviesLondon to Brighton, a debut feature film by writer and director Paul Andrew Williams, is a taut, gritty thriller that the U.K.'s Guardian called "the best British film of the year." Starts tomorrow at Cinema Village.

shopping… Up to 70% off at the Moss Annual Warehouse Sale, 76 Greene [Spring/Broome] this Saturday and Sunday, 11-6. Look for seating, lighting, tables, and more. Moss says items may be "slightly damaged, dusty, or otherwise past their sell-by date."

food/event… Cookbook author, wine columnist, and all-around superstar/nice person Karen Page tells us that The Women's Campaign Forum "Parties of Your Choice," benefiting pro-choice women political candidates, will take place Monday, March 10th. She writes, "Hosted in 14 of the loveliest homes in Manhattan with dinner prepared by some of the city's best chefs, it's a fun opportunity for MUG readers to break bread with some of the most interesting New Yorkers I can think of while supporting this important cause. Featured guests include WNYC Radio's Leonard Lopate, uber-restaurateur Danny Meyer, actor Mandy Patinkin, NY First Lady Silda Wall Spitzer, and even yours truly. (I'm being featured at Party #1 which is being prepared by Chanterelle's four-star chef-owner David Waltuck.)

head's up… On February 20th, 7pm, the Songwriters Hall of Fame inaugurates a new series of conversations with composers and lyricists called Words About Music. First up are Steven Sater and Duncan Sheik, the team behind Spring Awakening. The event takes place at Symphony Space, $25.

A beloved, endearingly cranky correspondent weighs in on Irving Mill:
"The menu was sort of small and dull, I thought—food was OK, not much more. But it was earshatteringly loud, and though I know it's next to impossible to find anything else in Manhattan anymore, it still twists my tits. (Some friends forced me to go to a Meatpacking cavern called Fig & Olive recently that was so dismal, and as thumping as a disco, that I almost swore off restaurants altogether.) My reservation was at 8. I was there at 8 on the dot with one guest, and the other showed up at 8:10 (slightly hammered, but that is not relevant to this story). The creepy host had told me we'd be seated once the entire party was there. Once the entire party was there I informed him of the fact, and he announced, quite tragically, that there was a slight delay, as they had counted on people not showing up because of the rain. I went back to the bar, and about ten minutes later he sidles up with so heartfelt and unctuous an apology and explanation of yet a further delay and assurance that he would keep us informed every few minutes as to our status, you'd have thought he was Marcus Welby mournfully explaining that Aunt Evelyn's gall bladder surgery had encountered 'complications.' I almost started laughing, the performance was so OTT, esp. when he promised to send us over appetizers and started dreamily extolling the virtues of the liver crostini that would soon be ours. We finally got seated at about 8:40 in the very loud front of the room, but only after getting another two status reports. I cancelled the reservation I had the following night with my brother and sister-in-law, and we had a great time at Ouest instead."

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