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art…Opening tonight, 6-8pm, is a one-person show by Daina Higgins at the Elizabeth Harris Gallery, 529 W. 20th [10th/11th] 212.463.9666. Ms. Higgins takes long walks through industrial areas of NY and elsewhere, photographing as she goes. Back in her studio, she uses a laborious process involving stencils and spray paint to create these small, singular, and arresting images. Pictured: "Fifth Avenue Brooklyn, 2005."

indie rock… Oh My Rockness picks: On Friday, influential post-punk band Mission of Burma play Bowery Ballroom. On Saturday, The Drones, from Australia, play Southpaw with Catfish Haven. Just Announced:Franz Ferdinand & Death Cab for Cutie (4/13 & 4/14) and Magic Numbers (3/28).

beer on tap… We're always for the home team, so it's easy to hoist a pint toasting Sixpoint Craft Ales from Brooklyn. You can read about their brews on the website (we especially like the Sixpoint Brownstone) and, more important, find out who has them on tap (no bottles yet).

movie… The Ziegfeld continues its 5-week Hollywood Classics screenings. This week, it's best musicals, next week is epics. All good stuff — but there have been concerns about the long-term prospects for the theater. We hope they're unfounded.

travel…$69 each way to Florida — Orlando, Tampa, or West Palm Beach on Delta. JetBlue has the same deal for Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, West Palm Beach, and Tampa.

multi-culti music… A reader wrote in about a band called Josh Lederman y Los Diablos. "Josh likes to kid that he is a Jewish guy in an Irish band with a Spanish name. But it is even more complicated than that. These brothers mix all sorts of styles — Celtic, punk, klezmer, and country." Check them out at Arlene's Grocery tomorrow night and at Lillie's in Brooklyn on Saturday night.

exhibit… At the Municipal Art Society, an exhibit called Livable Streets: A New Vision for NY, which is a more pedestrian-friendly vision of New York's future (as illustrated in the 'before' and — imagined — 'after' pictures). The exhibit also launches the NYC Streets Renaissance Campaign, a collaboration of The Open Planning Project, Transportation Alternatives, and Project for Public Spaces.

MUG readers with AOL email address didn't get our Hump Day issue yesterday because AOL occasionally rejects links to certain websites, effectively censoring your email (even though there was nothing offensive in our article). It drives us nuts because there's no way to predict which links their servers won't like. To our way of thinking, just another reason to dump AOL.

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