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art First lines of Victorian novels are the point of departure for the Lighthouse Project II, in which Meghan Boody continues her exploration of a world she has created, a world full of mystery and beauty, but menace, too. It opens at Affirmation Arts, 523 W. 37th [10th/11th] 212.925.0092, 3/1.

music Bobby Long has released his first album, A Winter Tale. This British-born old soul (what freshman would choose that for an album title?) name-checks influences from blues guitarist Lowell Fulson to Nina Simone. A mature debut, for sure, and it will be interesting to watch him develop. He's performing March 3rd at Bowery Ballroom, 9pm, $15.

movies A Good Man is a documentary about Australian sheep farmer Chris Rohrlach, whose wife had a debilitating stroke at the age of 21. Seriously cash-strapped, he decides to open a small—legal—brothel to supplement his income. Cue: community opposition. Unlikely as it all sounds, it's a film of great humor and heartstring-tugging. Opens at the Quad tomorrow.

cabaret Lady Rizo is often described as 'bawdy' and that's a good a word as any, though her cabaret skills go beyond that, with a real set of chops and the smarts to know what to do with them. She's at Joe's Pub tomorrow night, 9:30pm, $15 in advance.

out of town This deal for The Inns & Spa at Mill Falls on New Hampshire's Lake Winnipesaukee gives you a chance to recharge without breaking the bank. It's only $99 a night, with a break on spa services. Just remember to pack a sweater.

Enfleurage, 321 Bleecker [Grove] 212.691.1610, offers a class on creating perfumes, 2/27, 6:30pm. It's $20, which comes with a $10 store credit at the end of class for essential oils.

St. Patty's Day prep: Guinness is Good For You at ICE, 50 W. 23rd [5th/6th] 212.847.0700, a class taught by beer expert Samuel Merritt. $65

At David Zwirner, 533 W. 19th [10th/11th], a signing by James Welling of his new book Glass House, a filtered look at Philip Johnson's iconic Connecticut home. This Saturday, 5-7pm.

Electric chamber music from Newspeak and Darcy James Argue's Secret Society new-wave big band should make for an interesting evening at Merkin Concert Hall tonight, 7:30pm, $25.

Refinery 29 picks the best store openings so far this year.

Author Nathan Englander discusses his dreams with neuroscientist Amir Raz at the Rubin on Sunday, 3pm, $15.

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A gallery of photos by Joe Holmes
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Who gets your vote for the Oscar
as this year's Best Actor?


Javiar Bardem (Biutiful)


Jeff Bridges (True Grit)


Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network)


Colin Firth (The King's Speech)


James Franco (127 Hours)

Gowanus (from 2009)

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