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art Starting January 21 at Foley, 59 Orchard [Grand/Hester] 212.244.9081, two shows that feature the NYC subway system as an essential theme. The cleverly named Subtext, by Wyatt Gallery (a person, not a place, as he notes on his website), brings fresh eyes to the ephemeral remains of subways posters. In the Foley Gallery (a place, not a person) windows, there will be a site-specific installation by Clay Patrick McBride of black and white images about the experience of riding the subway.

movie Stephen Amidon's 2004 Human Capital gets relocated from the fictional Totten Crossing, Connecticut to the suburbs of Milan but retains its focus on the haves and the have-less in the film by Paolo Virzì, playing now through January 27 at Film Forum.

theater We know John Adams, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson sing: the musical 1776 proved that. Lin-Manuel Miranda sets out to make the case for immigrant founding father Alexander Hamilton, basing the work on the Ron Chernow bio. Here's a taste of the show: Aaron Burr rapping (and it's pretty great.) Hamilton begins previews at the Public on January 20. [Photo: The Lindner Studio]

music We've been fans of Grace McLean for a while now and, hooray, the rest of the world is catching on. She was voted (in the Invest in the Future of American Song contest) to open Lincoln Center's American Songbook series with a free concert in the Rubenstein Atrium on Bway [62nd/63rd], Wednesday, January 21, 7:30pm.

book The Patient Will See You Now: The Future of Medicine is in Your Hands by Dr. Eric Topol is an eye-opening look into what the future of medicine may hold. Topol shows how digital technology will play an increasingly large role in transforming the whole doctor-patient—make that patient-doctor—relationship.

food What you want on these cold weather January days is this: ghormeh sabzi, the Iranian herb stew. And you want it from Taste of Persia, 12 W. 18th [5th/6th].

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