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music Antidote to January: February. Specifically, February 17, which is when Kristin Andreassen's warm-breeze new album, Gondolier, is released. Andreassen performs at Joe's Pub on March 10. [Photo: Laura Crosta]

food The Young Farmer Winter Supper promises 'farm-fresh food, fellowship and startup stories'. (Fellowship? The 1950s would like their word back.) Anyway, the food is by Mona Talbott and Sean Rembold, so you will eat very well and most of the proceeds go to the National Young Farmers Coalition. It takes place on February 19 at the Wythe Hotel. Early-bird tickets are available until February 1—still a hefty $289, but it promises to be a good event for a good cause. [Photo: Annie Schlecter]

classical/cartoons The brows are high- and low- when the NY Phil performs Bugs Bunny at the Symphony at Avery Fisher, May 15-16 beneath Looney Tunes cartoons. Kill de Wabbit!

shopping Fun design: Book-Escape Wall Shelves from Dot & Bo, on sale for $96.99.

movie "A woman who studies butterflies and moths tests the limits of her relationship with her lover." That may be the worst elevator pitch of all-time. But The Duke of Burgundy, a film about two lesbians in a sadomasochistic relationship, written and directed by Peter Strickland, is quite a bit more than its 70s Euro erotica inspiration. Also, it stars one of our favorite actresses, Sidse Babett Knudsen (Borgen).

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