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Great profile of Barney Frank by Jeffrey Toobin in the New Yorker… Spring Awakening star Johnny Gallagher tomorrow and Saturday at Ars Nova… Kate Atkinson is always a terrific read and her latest, When Will There Be Good News? is no exception.

indie rock… Thursday: The Depreciation Guild brings 8-bit Nintendo rock with a splash of shoegaze to The Bell House. Sunday: Vivian Girls plays their doo-wop-punk for the kids at The Living Room's Kidrockers show. Just Announced… 1/26: Andrew Bird. 2/28: David Byrne. 3/16 - 3/26: Morrissey.

photography… You still have time to see the William Eggleston exhibit at the Whitney (it closes on the 25th)—and it should not be missed.

movies… A potboiler it's not—you may find Carlos Reygadas' Silent Light too slow, too art house; then again, you may not see a more beautiful movie this year.

art… We never need an excuse to visit the Fisher Landau in LIC, though the just-opened exhibits provide one anyway. There's a 1968-1988 slice of Emily Fisher Landau's collection, Jasper Johns screenprints, and a show called Imagination Noir—dark photography from people like Gregory Crewdson.

books… At McNally Robinson on Tuesday, 7pm, readings by contributors to Toward 2012: Perspectives On The Next Age, a collection of essays on the year that Mayan prophecy says will bring epochal change.

out of town… Stone Hill at Blue Barns? Blue Bill at Stone Farms? We can never keep it straight. (Blue Hill at Stone Barns is correct). Anyway, they're having their fourth annual Sausage and Beer Dinner, which sounds just right for the times. But $190 per person, plus tax and tip? Ouch.

heads upMetropolis Ensemble is something of a singularity: a seriously good chamber orchestra that's totally cool. So it's somehow not that surprising that they're teaming up for a night with roots trio The Groanbox Boys, January 28th, 7:30pm, at Le Poisson Rouge.


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