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Just launched, a new website called Cityfile, a biography database of the city's movers and shakers…Talented composer Georgia Stitt has an album out of her compositions called This Ordinary Thursday, with top Broadway performers doing the vocals. Check it out on iTunes…There's a new download site called Masterbeat, specializing in remixes—dance versions of songs from various genres: pop, disco, hip-hop, techno, et al…Catch the view pictured here with a jaunt to Governors Island.

indie rock… Friday: No Age and Abe Vigoda's wonderfully messy punk comes for free at South Street Seaport. Saturday: Oneida, Titus Andronicus, Ponytail and many other decibel-loving bands play an all-day outdoor rocker at The Yard in Brooklyn. Just Announced…8/9: Grizzly Bear. 9/12: Tom Verlaine (of Television). 9/27: Ratatat.

photography… At Williamsburg's Capricious Space, 103 Bedford [N.11/N.12th] 718.384.1209, a new group photography show called And then, what then, curated by Andrea Longacre-White. The artists are associated with Longacre-White's Forsythian Press.

sports… Here's a combo that sounds good to us: rock climbing and wine tasting. The Adventure Society is offering a day trip to the Gunks (Shawangunk Ridge) on Sunday, July 27th. Climb some rocks, do some rappelling, check out the views, and stop in afterward to the local winery for a tasting. No climbing experience necessary.

opera/beer… And speaking of unexpected combos, beer and opera, simultaneously, is fairly inspired. Opera on Tap performs tonight, 9pm, at Freddy's Bar and Backroom, 485 Dean [6th Ave.] Bklyn 718.622.7035, and at the Parkside Lounge, 317 E. Houston [Attorney] 212.673.6270, on August 6th.

books… "What begins as a hilariously excoriating demand for a refund soon becomes a lament for a life gone awry, for years misspent, talent wasted, and happiness lost" is the publisher's description of Jonathan Miles' novel Dear American Airlines. Mr. Miles will be at The Half King, 505 W. 23rd [10th/11th] 212.462.4300, on Monday night, July 14th, 7pm.

shopping… There's a 'curated tag sale' (everything else is 'curated' these days, so why not tag sales?) this weekend to benefit the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. On sale: art, vintage and designer clothes, lighting, and household items. It takes place at Aurora Lampworks, 172 N. 11th [Bedford/Driggs] on Saturday, 10-6, and Sunday, noon-4.


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