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The Farm Stand is a benefit for the Food Bank and the James Beard Foundation on July 21st.

Steve Hely's How I Became a Famous Novelist is one of the funniest books in ages.

Just Left Home puts a Sharpie to good use, tracking everything that NYC newbies need to know.

The Washington Post calls NY Observer Columnist Michael M. Thomas' novel Love & Money "deliciously entertaining."

An Evening with writer/director Judd Apatow on 7/22, presented by the Museum of the Moving Image, held at Florence Gould Hall, includes a preview screening of Funny People.

indie rock… Friday: Indie-rock vets Superchunk and Versus play for free at South Street Seaport. Saturday: See Built To Spill and many other great bands for free at Coney Island's Siren Festival. Just Announced… 9/2: Coco Rosie. 10/3: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. 11/14: Peaches.

photography… In April, we wrote about the book Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York, a visual tour of Mom and Pop stores, by James and Karla Murray. Now, Clic Gallery, 255 Centre [Broome] 212.219.9308, has an exhibition of those photographs.

movies… Coming up on 7/29, at Film Forum, You, the Living by Swedish director Roy Andersson, whose tragicomic vision is unique. Meanwhile, rent his Song from the Second Floor to get a sense of what Andersson is about.

wine… Distinguishing, blind, between red and white wine (unchilled, of course) is a lot harder than it sounds. Learn more at The Art of Blind Tasting on Monday night, 7pm, at the ICE. $95.

out of town… OK, on this one, a catch. Yes, you get to stay in a "three-bedroom villa for six nights on the grounds of the 5-star Adare Manor near Limerick, a historic Irish castle and one of Europe's top-rated resorts" for $429, six nights, airfare and car rental included. It won't look remotely like the picture here, though, since the dates are for way off season. And Adare is a golf resort, something that won't hold much appeal in January. Still. Details.

giving… It's Christmas in July for The Salvation Army, out on city streets, soliciting your money. There is no question that the SA provides many worthy services here in New York and around the country. However, the SA has an institutionally anti-gay policy, though they say they do not. Decide for yourself: they have publicly stated their desire not to comply with laws prohibiting job discrimination and will not hire openly gay or lesbian people, nor will they provide domestic partner benefits for workers in their secular social services division. Whether or not you toss some coins into their buckets is your call. But to our way of thinking, once you tolerate discrimination, it's hard to unring that bell.

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