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movies On Saturday evening at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, a showcase of short films on the theme of Strange Bedfellows, presented by The Film Shop, to which the filmmakers have responded in interesting ways. There will be live music, too.

music Woman, the new album by neo-soul/jazz singer/songwriter/poet Jill Scott, is out July 24th. She's performing at the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn on July 22 and 23—there are still a few seats left.

theater For those of you on the Venn diagram in the union of two sets—Broadway musical aficionados and vinyl lovers—this one's for you… Let Sony know what shows you want them to reissue on vinyl from their from vault.

comedy The 2015 Empire Biscuit Comedy Festival takes place at…Empire Biscuit, 198 Ave. A [12th/13th]: over 50 comedians will perform over three shows each night between August 2-4. In the lineup, Sasheer Zamata (SNL), Christian Finnegan and Mike Lawrence. Tickets. [Photo: Kyle Makrauer]

restaurant Place Matters writes about beloved B&H Kosher Dairy, which needs help.

Long Island City (from 2013)

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