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art crowdsourcing The only confluence of art, crowdsourcing and wishbones you'll see this year and we can say that with some assurance. Acclaimed artist Holton Rower needs wishbones, a lot of them, for a major project and our friends over at Improvised Life have created the Wishbone Project to help. You save 25 of them, contact Improvised Life for instructions on getting them to Mr. Rower, and you'll receive a gift back from the artist. [Photo: Maria Robledo]

music That Audra McDonald is one of Broadway's all-time greats isn't exactly news. But if you haven't seen her show about Billie Holiday, the recording of Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill is going to come as a revelation, a trip back through time in which Ms. McDonald realizes Ms. Holiday so fully that there's not a drop of daylight between the two. Shadows? Plenty of those.

movie We say Ibsen, you say summertime! Or not. But with Jonathan Demme directing an updated version of The Master Builder, gently amended to A Master Builder and starring Wallace Shawn, Julie Hagerty, Lisa Joyce and Andre Gregory, you've got yourself a thoughtful alternative to the current crop of apes, robots and dragons.

food You say summertime, we say Ibsen! No, we actually say ice cream. At the Brooklyn Fleas this weekend, Creme de la Creme—delicious ice cream in flavors expected and not.

event On July 28 at Joe's Pub, a benefit for Zara Aina, a non-profit that helps the children of Madagascar, who are living in crushing poverty and social unrest, develop their potential through storytelling and performance. The organization was founded by Lucas Rooney and Bryce Pinkham (A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder). Mr. Pinkham hosts the evening called Broadway Sings Its Heart Out, and some talented performers will do just that. Tickets

book Everything I Never Told You is the astonishingly accomplished first novel from Celeste Ng, a story of a family unhappy in its own way.

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