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It's only 68 minutes long, but Daughters of Wisdom, Bari Pearlman's movie about daily life in the only Buddhist monastery for women in Tibet, will stay with you far longer. Ms. Pearlman will be at the Rubin Museum next Wednesday, July 9th, 7pm, for a screening and will answers questions afterward. The Museum will show the movie on six subsequent Wednesday nights starting July 23rd.

indie rock… We've had the debut album by Seattle's Fleet Foxes in heavy rotation here at MUG HQ, a country folk-pop album that nods to My Morning Jacket, Band of Horses, Animal Collective, and The Band. Catch them on July 9th, 8pm, at Bowery Ballroom and July 10th, 8pm at Union Hall. More.

art… "Today everyone (including those bourgeois who should have been stunned and scandalized) recognize as artistically beautiful all those works that had horrified their fathers. The ugliness of the avant-garde has been accepted as a new model of beauty, and has given rise to a new commercial circuit." Umberto Eco, On Ugliness (2007). That's the organizing principle of "Pretty Ugly," the group show opening July 10th at Gavin Brown's enterprise, 620 Greenwich St. [Leroy] 212.627.5258.

out of town… Pony up a patriotic $1776 (exclusive of taxes) this 4th of July and fly business class on BA to the old motherland, round-trip to London. Travel dates are from July 23 to the end of the year. Free room upgrades, too. [Via Travelzoo]

architecture… Learn about the little-known ADGB Trade Union School (1930) in Bernau, Germany, a Bauhaus landmark that was recently restored by Berlin architects Winfried Brenne and Franze Jaschke. They'll be at MoMA on July 9th, 6:30-7:30pm, discussing this project. The architects' firm will receive the 2008 World Monuments Fund/Knoll Modernism Prize a week from today.

dvd… If you're looking for something non-BBQ, non-fireworks, non-traditional this weekend, rent Lars and the Real Girl. It may be the worst elevator pitch ever to make a wonderful movie. Nothing about the idea of the movie—Ryan Gosling buys a full-size sex doll and makes her his girlfriend—sounds remotely promising. Really, how did this ever get made? And yet it turns out to be an incredibly endearing movie—Gosling is great as always, and while there are laughs, it's also surprisingly touching and very sweet. Highly recommended.

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