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We've waited a long time to suggest a walk on the High Line!

Food, Inc. director Robert Kenner will be on hand at four Film Forum shows: 6/12 and 6/13, 6pm & 8pm.

Cocktails now being mixed at the Jane Hotel's schmancy new bar. 113 Jane [W. Side Highway] 212.924.6700.

Can we recommend Broadway's Next to Normal? We'd like to but we can't. As much as we admire the effort, it struck us as phony to the core. Hate mail here.

A sample sale of Spring 2009 dresses from James Coviello, 208 W. 29th [7th/8th] Suite 603 212.695.8082, plus one-of-a-kinds from 1998 to the present. 6/17-19, 10-8.

Monica Ali talks about her new book In the Kitchen on 6/17, 12:30pm, part of Bryant Park's Word for Word series.

indie rock… Friday: Screaming Females punk up Public Assembly as part of the Northside Festival. Plus Bishop Allen [Photo: Sebastian Mlynarski], The Dodos, and lots of other worthy bands. Saturday: Anamanaguchi make Nintendo dance-rock magic at Death by Audio. Just Announced… 9/15: Deerhoof. 9/17: Son Volt. 9/25: Phoenix.

music… Performance artist John Kelly pays tribute to Joni Mitchell in an evening called Paved Paradise Redux for six shows starting June 19th at the Henry Street Settlement. He's sung Mitchell before (a number of concerts at Fez some years ago) and you can expect, besides hearing the writer's songs, interesting talk about what they mean to Kelly.

art… What could be more zeitgeisty than an art installation called Disaster Kit. It's the creation of Trevor Babb, who comes by the work honestly, having done relief work in Kosovo and developed disaster plans in California. It takes place at Work Gallery, 65 Union [Van Brunt] Bklyn 646.460.5425, which is a former mechanic's garage transformed into a Red Hook gallery space.

out of town… We can recall paying more than $289 each way just to get to Chicago. So, mate, get yourself to Sydney on Qantas for that price, plus $120 in taxes. Travel dates are 8/11-9/15 and 11/9-30.

more art… So many enticing things right now at the Met…. Francis Bacon, Second Empire Paris photographs, Roxy Paine's sculpture on the roof, the new American Wing, and an exhibition opening June 16th centering around The Torment of Saint Anthony, Michelangelo's first painting.

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