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food and drink Wine Disciples Enoteca, 129 W. 29th [6th/7th] 212.239.4199, has opened, offering Italian small plates to accompany 20 wines by the glass (and 200 bottles). Coming soon, adjacent to the wine bar, is the Wine Disciples store, with 800 wines from around the globe.

music Superb jazz singer Lezlie Harrison
performs at Minton's on June 16, 23 and 30,
three sets each night.

art At Muriel Guépin Gallery, 83 Orchard [Broome/Grand] 347.244.1052, Ten Days in June opens today, a show by two fine abstract painters: Robert Szot and Lee Kaloidis.

movie The documentary Every Last Child, about the resurgence of polio in Pakistan since the Taliban banned polio vaccinations, has echoes close to home, given the influence of the anti-vaxxer movement.

photography Burk Uzzle: American Puzzles opens today at Steven Kasher—black and white photos from Uzzle's travels around the country since the 1960s.

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