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Sonya Kitchell at Joe's Pub on 6/23, 9:30pm. Choice cut: Tinted Glass [iTunes].

The World of Beads exhibit takes place Friday thru Sunday at FIT. Look for gorgeous work from MUG alum Carol Molesworth.

Good idea, though we haven't tested it out yet: RentaBike lets you use the interwebs to find a bike just waiting for you.

Since summer is AWOL anyway, stock up on cashmeres for men and women at the Christopher Fischer sample sale, 80 Wooster [Spring/Broome] 212.965.9009, today thru Sat., 10-7, and Sunday, 11-5.

Milk chocolate-covered Cheerios from Jacques Torres. Thank you, Jeebus!

movie… The NY Asian Film Festival gets underway tomorrow and there's lots of good stuff to see. We can particularly recommend
Magazine Gap Road by Nick Chin, a stylish, intriguing splash of Hong Kong noir. Mr. Chin will be on hand for the two screenings at the IFC, this Sunday, 5pm, and 6/25, 3:10pm.

art… A retrospective of that superb artist Cindy Workman, called "The Women," opens today at Lennon, Weinberg, 514 W. 25th [10th/11th] . Workman has long been interested in themes relating to women – provocative and insightful composites that do what art is (by some definitions) supposed to do: make you see the world differently. We're duty-bound to note that many of the images are not safe for work. They should be seen in person anyway.

photography… Say the word 'lenticular' and we're there. That's because it's a fancy way of saying flickers or, for those of a certain age, the kind of magical ring you'd get as a kid from your doctor that shows a 'moving' image. At the Ricco Maresca Gallery, 529 W. 20th [10th/W. Side Highway] 212.627.4819, 3-D lenticular photos by Paul Aaron Johnson in a show called Home Away from Home.

out of town… Support the home team and don't leave NY state: take a trip upstate, staying at one of the 250 hotels, B&Bs, and resorts and get the third night free. Pictured is the Inn at the Shaker Mill Farm in Canaan, NY.

shopping… The Diane von Furstenberg shop, 874 Wash [13th/14th] 646.486.4800, celebrates its new neighbor with a snazzy High Line beach towel, $75, a portion of which goes to Friends of the High Line.

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