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cabaretThis video will either make you laugh a lot or not at all—it cracked us up. Christine Pedi sings And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going as Judy Garland, Joan Rivers, Ethel Merman, Katharine Hepburn, Julie Andrews, Carol Channing, and Bernadette Peters, and one impersonation is better than the next. Ms. Pedi will be at Birdland on Monday night, 7pm, along with her cast of thousands.

indie rock… Friday: Anamanaguchi hooks up their Nintendo and turns Cake Shop into a crazy rock arcade. Friday: The Muslims take the Voidoids and mix in a little Constantines to punk out Union Pool. Just Announced…7/26: Gang Gang Dance. 8/12: Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley

exhibit… We've written about Bucky—R. Buckminster Fuller—before but it's never too soon for another round—especially when the AIA Center for Architecture is focusing so closely on him over the next few months. At the The Dymaxion Study Center, over 400 books on display by and about RBF. And look for the Fly's Eye Dome to be unveiled on Monday in LaGuardia Park. Details.

parade… There can't be many happier events in the city than the annual Mermaid Parade. The festivities begin this Saturday at 2pm.

performance… Name-checking Freddie Mercury, Bill Withers, and Jeff Buckley might provoke some reasonable skepticism, but there's a shot that Matt Morris might just cut it. Decide for yourself when Morris performs tonight, 11:30pm, at Joe's Pub.

talk… If you're concerned about what's happened to civil liberties, human rights, the Department of Homeland Security, and the wattachmacallit—the Constitution—join in the national event Night of 1,000 Conversations tonight, 6:30pm, at the Tenement Museum. On the panel, a rep from Breakthrough, The New York Immigration Coalition, and Sanctuary for Families and Warren Joseph, a Gulf War veteran who served more than three years in immigration custody in a New Jersey prison. 

We're doing some much-needed repair work on our tubes and wires and we'll be back with you next week, at some point.


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