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movie… Are the 9,000 Palestinians serving life sentences on security charges in Israeli jails terrorists or freedom fighters? However you view them, the documentary Hot House may give you pause. And you will almost certainly be surprised about the kind of leadership that has developed within those jails and the influence it has on the outside world. The movie, which won a Special Jury Prize at this year's Sundance, will be screened on Monday at 6:30pm, and Tuesday 1:30pm and 9pm at Walter Reade. Details are here.

indie rock… 6/21: Oxford Collapse's noisy spazz rock hits the street on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg tonight (free show). 6/24: The legendary Superchunk bring their quintessential indie guitar rock to McCarren Park Pool for a free show. More free shows. Just Announced…9/6: Peter Bjorn & John. 9/27: Devendra Banhart.

exhibition/reception… Tonight at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, there's a reception for its "Positive Art for Positive Women" exhibition, 6-8pm. There will be over 50 pieces — some by established artists, others by HIV-positive women — which will be part of an online auction. Profits will go to the new Women's Health Center, the first facility of its kind in New York State, offering comprehensive treatment and support tailored to the needs of women living with HIV.

shopping… Starting today and running through July, Scalamandré is having a sale on their amazing fabrics (by the bolt and by the yard). Look for artifacts, fabrics, trims and assorted antiques. It's taking place at 943 3rd [56th/57th], Mondays-Saturdays, 10am-8pm. Damasks, prints, piece goods with hand-embroidered details, plus trims, skeins of yarn, spools of thread, and wallpapers.

out of town… Underway now in a picturesque Catskills setting, the second year of The Orchard Project, a place where theater people from around the world can come to tackle new work and where you can see that work in an informal setting.

cd…"God Save the Clientele" is the third full-length album for The Clientele and it finds them at their best, their dreamiest, most British, most 60s, most summery, most autumnal. For a shimmery day at the beach.

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