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Check out the Tenement Museum's new online gallery. Lots (1,300) of great old NY pics, including our main inage today and the one at right.

Last chance to see Next Fall (closes 7/4) and Sondheim on Sondheim (closes 6/27).

Will Stratton, (who seems to require name-checks of Sufjan Stevens and Nick Drake), does his own melancholy thing beautifully. He'll be at Joe's Pub on Saturday, 7pm, $12.

Life in a small town—in this case Sidney, Ohio—gets a sympathetic, but never condescending survey in the documentary 45365 (Sidney's zip code), 7pm tonight, at Anthology Film Archives.

Happy iPhone day. If you don't already have City Transit and Exit Strategy, we'd load 'em up.

art… At Minus Space, 98 4th St. [Hoyt/Bond] Buzzer #28 Carroll Gardens 347.525.4628, the first installment of small works (and they mean small: they must be 30 x 30 cm max) by nine international artists. It's from the Brussels gallery Center for Contemporary Non-Objective Art. 30/30 — Image Archive Project — as it's called, opens this Saturday, 3-6pm.

game night… Le Murray Hill and La Linda Simpson, pronouned up for their recurring stint at Le Poisson Rouge where they host Le Bingo, Saturdays at 7pm. Let les games B-gin!

event… The Creative Arts Workshops For Kids is a non-profit dedicated to helping northern Manhattan communities, teaching life skills to kids by using the visual and performing arts. You can support their good work on Wednesday, June 30th at their first annual benefit. It will be held at the Atrium shops, 153 E. 53rd [Lex/3rd], 6-8pm. Tickets are a hefty $400, but you can also make a more modest donation here.

heads up… Don't let Carol Welsman fool you. Sure, she's easy on the ears and easy on the eyes. But when she sings a ballad, she can just slay you. Welsman doesn't perform enough in these parts, so we're pysched she's at Dizzy's Lincoln Center on Monday, July 19th, 7:30pm and 9:30pm.

East Village (from 2008)

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