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Above: a new world record. [Photos: Tim Schreier]

File under July 4th: Of the Founding Fathers, George Washington always seems to us the least knowable. So when we see the life mask done by Jean-Antoine Houdon in 1785, we suddenly see a real man and it's startling. The plaster cast is on display now with other rare Americana at The Morgan—see what you think.

At Tannery Pond in New Lebanon NY, rising-star violinist Paul Huang performs on July 14. He's the first recipient of the Tannery Pond Concerts Performance Award. Along with pianist Jessica Osborne, he'll perform Beethoven, Saint-Saëns, Ravel, and more. Tickets from $30.

Tomorrow night, 9:30pm, at BAMcinemaFest, a screening of the controversial film Compliance—a drama based on the true story of a fast-food worker following phone instructions of a 'police officer' on how to handle an employee who, the officer alleges, embezzled restaurant money. The director and several members of the cast will be on hand afterward—and you can expect drama then, too.

We'd never heard of Hanji paper before. It turns out that when you combine mulberry tree bark and hibiscus mucilage, something wonderful happens: a strong, smooth, high-quality paper used since ancient times that appeals to artists and calligraphers; heavier weight Hanji can be used in furniture and clothing. The Hanji Project, today through July 5th, is a series of events (fashion show, seminar, art show) featuring the material.

Fly swatter from white ash and leather, at Kaufmann Mercantile. $12.80

A new chandelier from Zuma Creations, $450.

Houston Street (from 2010)

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