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Joseph Mitchell's Harbor, a discussion with Mark Kurlansky, Luc Sante, Robert Sullivan, Nathan Ward, and moderated by James Sanders, takes place on Tuesday, 6/19, 6:30pm at The Melville Gallery, 213 Water [Fulton/Beekman]. Free, but reserve.

Tonight at The Korea Society, 950 3rd [57th], Katharina Zellwegger talks about her posters collected while she lived in Pyongyang from 2006 to 2011, on which the government claims to be feeding its citizens. The talk starts at 6:30pm, free.

Moody, mood-altering Minneapolis band The Pines plays Joe's Pub, 6/14, 7:30pm, $15.

The 12th annual Egg Rolls & Egg Creams Festival takes place on Sunday on Eldridge Street between Canal and Division, sponsored by the Museum at Eldridge Street. This block party celebrates the Jewish and Chinese communities through food, music, and art. Noon-4pm, free.

movie Todd Solondz takes a break from the outer limits with his new movie Dark Horse. Solondz specializes in the cinematic version of working blue; here, though, a sweetish schlub of a film. Opens tomorrow.

venue The ghost of Les Mouches, the long-departed cabaret space, fluttered to life recently, with the opening of 54 Below. Yes, it's in a different time, in a different place from Les Mouches, though it is beneath the hallowed Studio 54. John Lee Beatty designed it, Ken Billington has done the lighting—it doesn't get more old pro Broadway than that. And speaking of old pros, Patti LuPone summons up the legendary magic of her show at Les Mouches in a gig that lasts until 6/16. Lots of other talent to follow, including Andrea Martin and Justin Vivian Bond.

art Girl with a Bamboo Earring, pictured, is one of the images created by Ethopian-born, Bronx-raised Awol Erizku, showing at Hasted Kraeutler, 537 W. 24th [10th/11th] 212.627.0006. It makes the point about racial diversity, or lack thereof, in art history, and makes it beautifully.

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