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movie Opening tomorrow at IFC, the lead singer of The National invites his younger brother to join the road crew and Mistaken for Strangers, a funny documentary, is the result.

food The World's Best Spicy Food, coming out April 1, has 100 recipes of heat-packing dishes and the stories behind them.

jazz From jazz pianist and MUG tipster Connie Crothers: The great multi-reed player (mostly saxophone), Vinny Golia, visits from Los Angeles, performing with ace bassist Ken Filiano, this Sunday, 7:30pm at Why Not Jazz Room, 14 Christopher [Gay]. Following this set will be Filiano's band Baudolino's Dilemma, featuring Golia and Filiano, with two percussionists—the renowned drummer Warren Smith and the original Michael T.A. Thompson.

pinball Mayor LaGuardia was so anti-pinball that he that he liked to take a sledgehammer to the machines for the cameras and send others into the East River; 11,000 were destroyed in his reign of slam-tilts. Hizzoner had the game banned in the city in 1941, a law which stayed in effect until 1976. The number of machines around the city has dwindled in recent years but Modern Pinball, 362 3rd [26th/27th] 646.415.8440, is helping to bring the flippers back to life. As the photo shows, fun for all ages.

crowdsourcing More olde-timey fun: Marxfest takes place in May, this year celebrating the 100th anniversary of the brothers Marx. They've launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the festivities.

art At Clamp Art, opening April 3, new photographs by Marc Yankus—evocations of the city, some structural, some in a 1920s postcard style, heightened, softened, observed or seemingly remembered.

Soho (from 2012)

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