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Doug Aitken's Sleepwalkers Box is a multimedia package of his 2007 MoMA show projected onto the outdoor walls of the museum. For the release, the film, with Tilda Swinton and Cat Power, is broken out onto the new PS1 dome on April 1st.

Brain Cave 2012, a buffet of Brooklyn music, takes place on April 5 and 7.

Oxford, UK quartet A Silent Film performs on April 10th at Mercury Lounge in anticipation of their June 5 release Sand & Snow. Hear the first (pretty great) single, Danny, Dakota & the Wishing Well, here.

Nicky Silver's play The Lyons, starring the inestimable Linda Lavin, moves uptown to the Cort, starting April 5.

indie rock Thursday: Twerps came all the way from Australia to play good guitar-pop for you @ 285 Kent. Saturday: Shapes + Life Size Maps + Shea Stadium = furious fun punk. Just Announced… 4/23: Washed Out. 6/20: The Tallest Man On Earth. 7/12: Neko Case (free show). 7/18: Refused with OFF!

movies The talking heads in the new movie Surviving Progress, opening April 6 at Cinema Village, are an extraordinarily brainy, accomplished bunch—Jane Goodall, Stephen Hawking, Margaret Atwood, and Simon Johnson, for starters. Based on Ronald Wright's A Short History of Progress, the film explores man's "evolution from cave dwellers to space explorers" and whether we will be good custodians of our finite resources or pococurante Dominionists.

art Dare Wright (1914-2001) was a Canadian-born, New York-based photographer and children's book author. Her best known book, The Lonely Doll, has unforgettable black and white shots of the title character. They're on exhibit at Fred Torres Collaborations, 527 W. 29th [10th/11th] 212.244.5074. The images probably shouldn't, by rights, work, but they do—there's something unshakably sad about each and every one of them.

comedy Benjamin Walker, who starred in Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, casts himself as the host of (and performer in) Find the Funny at Joe's Pub, in which upcoming comedians, writers, and musicians are given the stage. April 3, 9:30pm, $10.

out of town It's always a good time to visit Mass MoCA in North Adams, Mass, and right now you can see The Cartographer's Conundrum, a major exhibition by New York artist Sanford Biggers. Cozy things up afterwards with an overnight at The Porches, with rooms starting at $130.

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