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art jewelry Last chance to see Jewels by JAR. The show of over 400 shimmering works by Joel A. Rosenthal runs through Sunday at the Met Museum. Roberta Smith of the Times hated it, making the specious argument that "…it is dicey for a major museum to celebrate the often frivolous objects on which the rich spend their ever increasing surplus income." Whether or not the Met ought to be addressing issues of income inequality, Smith had no problem with the Met's Paul Poiret show of 2007, about which she wrote admiringly of the couturier, "He collected art, gave lavish costume parties and made astute use of the press while laying the groundwork for fashion design as a modern art and a modern business." As for JAR, whether his work is art or not will ultimately be decided as such things always are: by the passage of time.

food Michael Gibney has worked in many of the city's great restaurants and drew on his experiences to write Sous Chef: 24 Hours on the Line. As the title suggests, he has created a fictional, you-are-there account of a day in the life of a chef. The book is out March 25 and Mr. Gibney will give a reading at powerHouse Arena on Tuesday, April 1, 7pm.

music Jazz bassist and vocalist Esperanza Spalding performs new songs at 92Y on March 15, 8pm, $50.

At the Highline Ballroom on Thursday, March 27th, Jake Shimabukuro rocks the uke. $27.50

illustration The City Reliquary has a new show opening Saturday evening called Drawing Perspective: The Cartoon Genius of Burris Jenkins Jr.—satirical cartoons of politics and sports that were featured beginning in the 1930s in The New York Journal (later the Journal-American).

movie Must-see: Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel, the director's richest work yet.

Dave Gardner offers a free walking tour on March 15, noon, of places in the city connected to the Titanic. Email for details.

The 17th annual NYC Tattoo Convention runs tomorrow through Sunday at Roseland. $20 for a one-day ticket.

It's a pingpongpalooza at the CityLore's Ping Pong in New York event, March 14th, 6:30pm. $12 in advance.

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