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Is there anyone, anywhere who doesn't love Elliott Erwitt's work? Possible, but doubtful. An exhibition of his Personal Best opens at ICP on May 20th, with over 100 of his favorite images from the past six decades.

Black Girl @ The Gay Channel is a fun and very funny new novel by Darlyne Baugh, inspired by the launch of Logo. Ms. Baugh will be at Hue Man Bookstore, 2319 Frederick Douglass [124th/125th), tonight, 6pm-8pm.

Jewelry designer Robert Lee Morris will be at the Museum of Arts and Design, tonight, 5:30-8pm, for the debut of his Museum Collection.

BrokenOff BrokenOff, a tribute to the late Tobias Wong, an extraordinarily talented designer, is at Gallery R'Pure, 3 E. 19th [Bway/5th], May 14th-17th.

indie rock Friday: Lo-fi fuzz poppers Gross Relations play Cake Shop. Friday: Deliciously moody Dirty Beaches play Glasslands. Just Announced… 7/23: The Feelies (free show). 8/5: Ra Ra Riot (free show). 8/9: Bon Iver.

photography This one's a pleasure: photographer Harvey Stein has been capturing the ups and downs, the quiddities of life on Coney Island since 1970. A new book, Coney Island 40 Years, offers a rich look at what Stein calls "the poor man's Riviera, a place where you can be yourself or who you ought to be."

movies The Topp Twins have cornered the market on comedy/singing/ yodeling lesbian twin sister acts. The New Zealand duo, much-loved in that country (though lesser known in these parts), wasn't just a popular, offbeat act—the pair helped evolve kiwi social tolerance. A documentary about their lives, The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls, opens tomorrow at Cinema Village.

art Opening today at Cheim & Read, 547 W. 25th [10th/11th] 212.242.7727, works in fabric by Louise Bourgeois, who died last year at 98. For the last decade or so of her life, Ms. Bourgeois made much use of linens, clothing, and other such materials, proving a great talent can turn rags to contemplative, resonant riches.

As Ms. Bourgeois did, the widely-admired Subodh Gupta examines everyday objects, transforming and investing them with layers of meaning through painting, sculpture, and installation. A glass of water is at Hauser & Wirth, 32 E. 69th [Mad/Park] 212.794.4970, through June 18th.

cabaret It could not have made his agent happy when Euan Morton told him (or her) that his next record would be Scottish folk songs. And yet it makes us surprisingly happy to listen to the result, called Caledonia - The Homecoming. Maybe you, too. Yes, you've heard Danny Boy, Auld Lang Syne, and Loch Lomond many times before. But Morton's tenor gets us every time: he's got gorgeous pipes, his technique's flawless (in contrast to our American Idol-besotted country, Morton knows the value in holding back), and it's all, clearly, from the heart. He'll be performing at Birdland to celebrate the release of the CD on Sunday, May 29th, 6pm. $25 cover, $10 minimum.

out of town Get a head start on your summer tan with a jaunt to Miami: you can get fares for as low as $185, roundtrip, including taxes, on Delta and American.

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Fifth Avenue Brooklyn (from 2009)

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