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THE MORNING LINE Here's the May Update on MUG Fundraising. If you haven't supported MUG this year, this is the place.

photography Early work from Gregory Crewdson, minus the elaborate staging, still compelling. The subject? Fireflies. The 61 photographs, shown for the first time ever as a group, are at Wave Hill.

movie The Fake Case is a new documentary about Ai Weiwei, the essential Chinese artist and activist, and the lawsuit that was filed against him by the Chinese government after his arrest. Starts tomorrow at IFC.

event Celebrate the 75th and 50th anniversaries of the NYC World's Fair this Sunday, 1-8:30pm, at Flushing Meadows.

shopping At Grand Central, a Centennial Quilt Exhibition through July 6. You can also buy these Fabrics of New York from City Quilter, one of the show's sponsors.

cabaret At 54 Below, June 18-21, Jane Lynch will sing songs, make you laugh and generally cause trouble.

New York City (from 2012)

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