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music You can't pigeonhole singer-songwriter Shelby Lynne—she's got country roots but straddles a number of genres, nailing all of them. Hear for yourself tonight at New York Society for Ethical Culture, where she'll perform material from her new album I Can't Imagine. [Photo: Alexandra Hedison]

Japanese pianist and composer Satoko Fujii performs with Kaze on Sunday, May 24 at Soup & Sound, promoting their experimental new album, Uminari. $15 donation includes soup.

Nice idea: Fame Farm, a site where you can hear music from performers with upcoming NYC shows.

food Taste of Home is a benefit for Housing Works that takes place June 4 at the Soho store. Hosted by Ruth Reichl, Sam Sifton, Alex Guarnaschelli and Brooks Headley, there will be food from, among others, Jody Williams (Buvette) and Carlo Mirarchi (Blanca). Early-bird price for tickets: $100

art New York & New Yorkers is a show of works by Franco Mondini-Ruiz at Frederieke Taylor Gallery, 33 Orchard [Hester/Canal] 646.230.0992, featuring over 100 fashion portraits. [Pictured at top]

movie This weekend at the movies is all about Mad Max: Fury Road, but if it's sold out, try Dark Star: H.R. Giger's World. It's a documentary about the late Swiss set designer and painter who, among other things, created the seminal, intensely unsettling look for the movie Alien.

books/music The Music of McEwan, happening on May 20 at 92Y, sounds odd since Ian McEwan is top-tier British novelist and if he's part of some, you know, Mumford & Sons knockoff band, we'll pass. But that's not it at all. If you think about McEwan's books, music frequently plays a crucial element. That's especially true of his latest novel The Children Act. And so, he has enlisted pianist Angela Hewitt and baritone Russell Braun to explicate.

shopping This weekend sees the debut of a new flea market called Barnyard Flea. It's situated in the small lot behind Mary's Bar (which explains why it's Barnyard Flea: bar 'n' yard), 708 5th [22nd St] Brooklyn 718.499.2175. Local handmade goods, vintage items, and some fine BBQ.

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