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event…Mobile Living is a series of events demonstrating technological advances that have "enabled our nomadic lifestyle." It takes place at the Skylight Studios Gallery, 275 Hudson [Spring] opening this Sunday night and continuing through Tuesday. The basic registration is free. Exhibitors include architects, designers, and even the Buckminster Fuller Institute (we love Bucky). We haven't made this sound like much fun, but have a look at the schedule and see if it doesn't pique your interest. It did ours.

indie rock… Saturday: Psychic Ills psych you out at Knitting Factory. Sunday: The National, Baby Dayliner and Doveman on one bill! Just announced: 6/30 TV On The Radio and 7/29 Bloc Party at McCarren Park.

comedy… Friday night, 9pm, at Ars Nova, 511 W. 54th [10th/11th] 212.688.4444, is Rebecca Drysdale's "One Woman in Several Pieces." Ms. Drysdale won the Best Breakout Performer at the HBO Comedy Art Festival and has been a member of Chicago's Second City. Tickets are $15, and the show plays again on June 2nd and 9th.

movies… Film buffs with short attention spans — have we got a festival for you. It's the first annual Short Short Film Festival this Saturday at the Anthology Film Archives, 32 2nd Ave. [2nd]. Each film is five minutes or less.

classical… The Dessoff Choirs have been a longtime favorite of MUG's since they approach whatever they're performing with thorough conviction and genuine artistry. This Friday, they'll be singing Fountain & Origin: 500 Years of English Choral Music, conducted by James Bagwell, that includes works by John Dunstable, Henry Purcell, and Vaughan Williams. It takes place at Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church, 122 E. 88th [Lex] 212.831.8224. $20 in advance.

out of town… Travelzoo has this one, from Gate 1 Travel: Roundtrip to Madrid, two nights (hotel included), airfare to Barcelona, three nights there (hotel included) for $799 between November and March. Not too shabby!

cabaret… Talent, alas, is not equally distributed among us, and that's demonstrated by composer Jeff Blumenkrantz, who received an extra helping. Or two. You can hear him sing his songs, with help from his friends, at the Duplex tomorrow night, 7pm, $12 cover, two-drink minimum.

good cause… This Saturday, 6-10pm, a Global Festival, presented by The United Nations Association of NY's Young Professionals for International Cooperation (does that all fit on the invitation?). The idea of the evening is to celebrate cultures around the world fighting HIV/AIDS pandemics and to raise awareness and funds to combat it. There will be food, dance, music, an auction and raffle. It takes place at the Lighthouse, 111 East 59th [Park/Lex], costs $55 for nonmembers, and part of the till goes to a program designed to help improve African schools and care for children with HIV/AIDS. Register.
2nd Email from MUG Today
You'll be getting a second email from us today — a sponsored email from the Asia Society. There's always so much cool stuff going on over there, you need a scorecard. The AS people will oblige you with one, and we'd be obliged if you peruse it and check out some of the events. Seriously, you'll thank us.

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