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music/out of town The Mast Brothers have put a golden ticket into five bars of their limited edition Solid Sound Festival chocolate bar. The winners get two full passes to Wilco's music and arts festival at Mass MOCA, June 21-23. These are the stores carrying the bar.

theater The wonderful singer-songwriter Jill Sobule and her collaborator Robin Eaton have penned the score to a new musical, Times Square, based on the '80s movie of that name. See concert performances of the show at Joe's Pub, June 1 and 4, 9:30pm, $20.

art Warmer weather means group shows and the
Kathryn Markel Fine Arts exhibit
Spring Revival features some excellent work,
including Big Yellow by Rocio Rodriguez, pictured above.
529 W. 20th [10th/11th] 212.366.5368

book We can't wait for this one, but we'll have to until June 4: that's when Colum McCann's new book TransAtlantic is out. The author of the extraordinarily good Let the Great World Spin sets TransAtlantic, as the title indicates, between two continents, from 1845 to now, focusing on four generations of women and historical characters from Frederick Douglass to Senator George Mitchell. The author will be at Symphony Space on June 5 to discuss it, 7:30pm, $25.

TV Could there be happier news than the new season of Arrested Development? Highly doubtful. Starts May 26 on Netflix.

We'll be back on Tuesday. Have a happy Memorial Day!

Upper East Side (from 2001)

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